The Dilemma: Choosing Your Favorite Vape Flavor

The Dilemma: Choosing Your Favorite Vape Flavor

An added touch to enhance the pleasure of smoking is that there are at your disposal a range of 90 different flavors in which you can order the e-liquid. For example you can choose between different flavors of snuff including Cuba, blending Turkish, mint or “Wild American”, or try a mixture of whiskey and snuff. Fruit blends like passion fruit, cherry, raspberry and citrus fruits are also in great demand, even cocktail flavors are now available as e-liquid. Keep reading to learn about the many options in detail.

The more classic e-cigarette flavors, all the tobacco flavors including “Marlboro”, are certainly nice for regular Vape use. Sometimes you may want a different flavor, that’s why it’s good to know that there is a whole range of different flavors on the market. For fans of energy drinks there is the Red Bull e-juice. Those who like Red Bull, will most definitely like the sweet taste of this special eliquid.

Menthol Vape Flavors for a Fresh Breath
Those who smoke menthol vape, also learn new dimensions of flavor when they move to vape. Among the variety of flavors are classic examples such as peppermint or menthol, but also more exotic flavors like ginger or cloves. However, if you prefer a taste and smell sweeter choose vanilla, and if you want to try something more exciting, try herbal flavors or star anise. All those who smoke the electronic cigarette will be surprised to learn about innoviatve e-liquid flavors like amaretto, cognac, egg liqueur, Irish cream, rum, brandy, brandy or whiskey-cola.

The Hardest Part; Choosing Your Favorite Flavor!
You can also find your favorite tobacco flavor with a sweet tooth between the chocolate-banana-mint chocolate, marzipan, ice cream, or woodruff flavor. In short, when choosing a flavor you will realize how difficult it will be this decision, but the advantage is that you can keep trying different flavors until you finally taste or flavors that you like best. You will most likely find a delicious flavor!

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