Regulations and the Vaporizers status in 2011

Do you know if the current legislation affects the Portable Vaporizers? Keep reading to learn about many interesting stats. Here is a brief summary of the current legislative status of Portable Vaporizers in various countries, including Spain. The tobacco multinationals are very strong, and try to influence the respective governments to ban the marketing and/or consumption. However, evidence in several studies that support the Portable Vaporizers produces much less damage than the traditional cigarette.

New Zealand is in favor of the Portable Vaporizers, health department approved New Zealand Portable Vaporizerss. The banned is fully explained in many sites. In the EU, some countries have provided a decision on the legal status of products related to Portable Vaporizerss. In Spain, there is no law about Portable Vaporizerss; they fall under the general rules of consumer goods. In Austria, the Portable Vaporizers is considered medical resources and cartridges of nicotine a drug product. This means that Portable Vaporizerss should carry the CE mark and the nicotine cartridges must be registered as medicinal products before being offered for sale.

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